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My Geocaching Info

  My Geocaching Nickname is Etrex Pirate. It developed since I own an Etrex brand GPS receiver and the Pirate theme I created since Geocaching is kind of like hunting for treasure. I made a cartoon image for my avatar and went on from there. 
Using the Pirate theme I created a bunch of Geo Tokens with individual serial numbers. I made the graphics, burnt the edges, placed them on Oak planks that were stained and then covered them with a varnish to keep them protected. I placed them in many caches without any appeal but then they caught on and were snatched up by collectors. I am working on creating a new batch for my future caching.



List of items found as of 12/19/2004

Name Count
Traditional Caches* 108
Multi-caches* 6
Virtual Caches* 7
Letterbox Hybrids* 1
NGS Benchmarks 19
Event Caches* 2
Locationless (Reverse) Caches* 6
Jeep Travel Bugs 1
Travel Bug Dog Tags 24

*Total Caches Found 130
List of items hidden as of 12/19/2004

Name Count
Traditional Caches* 4
Multi-caches* 2
Virtual Caches* 0
Letterbox Hybrids* 0
Travel Bug Dog Tags 5

*Total Caches Hidden 6