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Geo Caches

  I have been GEOCaching since September 2003. I have taken pictures of as many caches as possible. Sometimes I am so into what I am doing I forget to take a picture, but I will return if possible at a later date to snap a photo of the cache and if it is pretty enough, the surrounding area. I have also started getting my puppy to pose for photos so you might find them in the later caches. 

Be warned although I try to move a cache away from it's hiding place, it might give away it's location by the surrounding of the photo. This is more for showing the differences of the creativity of the cache containers than giving up the location of the cache.

I take many photos while GEOCashing and only post the ones I believe are worth looking at. Feel free to take time to click all of my links to view the pictures I have taken.

I have now broken down my Cache Found list into multiple pages for those who don't have broadband. 

Yana and I taking a break after finding a cache.


Caches Found Caches Hidden
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81-100 101-120 121-140 .
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1-20 . . .
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