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Geo Caches Hidden 1-20

National Treasure
Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Medium
Type: Multi 2 Altiods Tins, Ammo Can
December 4, 2004
N34 37.609
W118 44.744

Using the theme from the movie of the same name I created this cache with puzzles to solve to get through each step.
6 Approved!
Cattail Trail
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Hard
Type: Tube
November 5, 2004
N34 21.193
W118 34.872

This is my second cache hidden in Towsley Park. it can also be part of the loop or a direct 1.2 miles from parking.
5 Approved!
Fried Rice Canyon Cache
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Medium
Type: Multi Altiods Tin, Ammo Can
May 21, 2004
N34 20.501
W118 32.940


This cache is a pretty easy walk up Rice Canyon in Santa Clarita. It is a 2 part Multi with about a 2.5 mile round trip.
4 Approved!
Return of the Poppies
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Hard
Type: Tube
April 16, 2004
N34 21.047
W118 34.628


This cache requires a 6 mile journey through a very lush trail in Towsley Canyon Park.
3 Approved!
SC Best View
Difficulty: Medium
Terrain: Medium
Type: TupperWare
March 6, 2004
N34 21.430
W118 25.149


This is the best view I have seen overlooking the Santa Clarita Valley.
2 Approved!
Cemex View
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Medium
Type: Plastic Box
Feb 29, 2004
N 34 26.323
W 118 22.403

This is where I usually walk my dog. It is un-crowded so I can let him off his leash to run free.
1 Approved!